History of the NMRDG

1964 –


The UK Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group (NMRDG) was formed in 1964 to provide a forum for chemists interested in the emerging techniques and applications of NMR spectroscopy. It started off as an independent group but later became affiliated as a Subject Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. It has been an informal organisation that has held a long series of one day and other short scientific meetings that continue to this day. It also organised a well-received series of international NMR conferences from 1964 to 2003, mostly under the auspices of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The group is managed by a small committee with a Chair, elected every two or three years and an honorary Secretary and honorary Treasurer. Here, the history of the Group is described, along with its organisation and principal activities.

This history has been complied by Les Sutcliffe and John Lindon in 2008.  It has benefited enormously from detailed discussions and information provided by two ex-chairs and long time supporters of the NMRDG, Ed Randall and Robin Harris.  Additional material has been kindly provided by John Elvidge with also personal recollections form Rex Richards and Norman Sheppard. Many of the other ex-chairs have also provided personal reflections on their period in office and some members and ex-members of the groups have also supplied material and information.  Eric Mooney, one of the main initiators of the NMRDG, who left the NMR field in 1970 for a career in process analytical instrumentation in the USA, has also provided useful information.

John Lindon

Les Sutcliffe



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