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Welcome to the events pages of the UK NMR Discussion Group (NMRDG), an Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

This site holds information on our forthcoming meetings and also hosts the history of NMRDG activities, from its inception in 1964 to the present day. Some further, related information can be found on the RSC site.

A short summary of NMRDG events in 2015 and 2016 is available.

NMRDG History: the history of the group from 1964. (Under construction)

NMRDG interest group (free!) membership appeal

If you are a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, but are not already a member of the RSC NMR DG Interest Group (Interest Group 54), please will you consider joining the Interest Group by simply sending an E-mail to . There is no cost associated with this, providing that you are not already part of three or more other RSC Interest Groups.  Please will you provide your name and RSC membership number, and request that you would like to join Interest Group 54, NMR Discussion Group. This is important to us and, by doing this, you will be helping us to make our events accessible to more magnetic resonance spectroscopists, and sponsor more student travel.  If you are unsure about whether or not you have already joined the Interest Group, please let us know and we will confirm with you directly.

NMRDG Chairperson

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the outstanding contribution made (2016-17) by Prof Sharon Ashbrook. Sharon worked tirelessly and with great skill to ensure that these were also very successful for the NMRDG. In addition to the excellent scientific series, we can look back at record investment in our young scientists going to international conferences to present their work.

The incoming Chairperson is a friend to the NMRDG, and very well known in the UK NMR scene. Please join us in welcoming Prof. Simon Duckett of York University to this, his new role. We are immensely grateful that he has taken the position.


Our warm congratulations go to Dr Stephen Byard, who was recognised by the RSC "For outstanding service to the Royal Society of Chemistry through his commitment to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group".

We in the UK NMR community know Stephen very well from the countless hours he has applied to the NMRDG. This takes the form of a lot of effort and organisation that is not seen, but the annual meetings are very much the product of his efforts. He has, for some years, been responsible for a string of very popular and useful NMRDG Christmas Meetings.

We congratulate Stephen and thank him for his unique and fundamental contribution to NMR in the UK.

Read about the award here and at the Arcinova web site.


Forthcoming NMRDG meetings

NMRDG Post Graduates'  Meeting
Friday, 21st June, 2019
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The annual event where post graduates and post docs can present their research work as posters and talks

Poster abstract submission

Oral adstracts by May 24, 2019
Poster abstracts by June 10, 2019
Standard registration by June 10, 2019
University of York
Dept of Chemistry
Room C/B/101 and 102
Heslington, York
YO10 5DD

"Pay and Display" car parking

Local organiser: Ms Meghan Halse


Registration is open!

In addition to the postgraduate presentations, two overview lectures will be given by established researchers, Guy Lloyd-Jones (Forbes Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Edinburgh), and Karen Johnston (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Durham).
NMR Managers' Meeting
Thursday, 20th June, 2019
The annual event to support NMR facility managers

Standard registration by June 10, 2019
University of York,

Registration is open!


Forthcoming events may also be found on the RSC web page.


N.B. Students, remember that you can apply for funding towards attendance costs.


Recent/past meeting(s) 

11th Annual NMRDG Postgraduate Meeting (2018)

The meeting report is available.

As usual, presentation and scientific standards were very high. Tasked with the difficult job of choosing the best speakers and poster, the judges made these selections.

Best oral presentation

Sarah Mann, University of Warwick, "Probing structure and dynamics in ionic liquid pharmaceuticals by NMR Spectroscopy"

Runners up: Abby Howarth, University of Durham, "Probing ion mobility in Li-stuffed garnets using multi-nuclear solid-state NMR"

Ashlea Hughes, University of Liverpool, "Ultra-fast molecular rotors within porous organic cages"

Best poster presentation (JEOL)

Emily Corlett, University of Warwick, for her work on the evaluation of a NMR crystallography-based approach for the characterisation of Lutidine Fumarate compounds

Runner up

Callum Wallace, University of Lancaster, "17O DNP Enhanced Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy at 18.8T"

Thanks to all who took part, and a special congratulation to our winners.



 Please use the RCSB PDB web site, here!

ABS Trust UK bursary

The NMR DG would like to draw your attention to the ABS Trust website, and the availability through it for UK-based students in spectroscopy-related research/applications to apply for an ABS Trust UK bursary.  

The ABS Trust has recently established a website at:

Website contact details of still-active groups once affiliated to the ABS can be found listed on the website at:

Among the web pages of the ABS Trust website is one relating to ABS Trust UK Bursaries at:

Another page features links to the annual Gordon Kirkbright Award:

Both of these pages have access routes to Application Forms.


Other NMR meetings of possible interest


Challenges in Analysis of Complex Natural Mixtures Faraday Discussion May 13-15, 2019 Edinburgh Information
EUROMAR jointly held with ISMAR August 25-30, 2019 Berlin, Germany Information
SMASH September 22-25, 2019 Porto, Portugal Information
Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids September 15-19, 2019 Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France Information
Experimental NMR Conference (ENC) March 8-13, 2020 Baltimore, Maryland, USA Information

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Items of interest


The 2019 BRSG-NMRDG Annual Prize Winner - Dr Karen Johnston, Durham University

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2019 BRSG NMR DG prize for Excellent Contribution to Magnetic Resonance has been awarded to Dr Karen Johnston, University of Durham

Karen obtained her PhD from the University of St Andrews, where her research combined synthesis, multinuclear solid-state NMR, diffraction and first-principles DFT calculations of NMR parameters to study structure and ordering in the solid state, particularly in perovskites. Subsequently, Karen started her independent research career at the University of Durham, where her multidisciplinary work focuses on the application of solid-state NMR in combination with other techniques, including uSR and diffraction-based methods, for the characterisation of structure, disorder and diffusion in functional materials.  In particular, she has a strong interest in energy materials, building on her post-doctoral experience in Cambridge and France.  Karen has already made significant contributions in this discipline, with no fewer than 16 peer reviewed publications in high impact journals, and her work is now recognised internationally.  As part of the award, Karen will present some of her most recent work at the Christmas BRSG meeting, which will be held in London on Wednesday 11th December, in addition to giving an Overview lecture at the 2019 NMR DG Postgraduate Meeting in York (see above).


RSC Ronald Belcher Award 2017 - Dr Matthew Wallace

Congratulations Matthew Wallace, presently at the University of East Anglia, for winning this pretigeous award. Some of Matthew's work with NMR used to probe gels was presented at the recent Xmas NMRDG. The work was primarily performed whilst at Liverpool University. Matthew has also joined the NMRDG committee.

The 2018 Shoolery Annual Prize Announcement - Dr Krish Krishnamurthy

Dr Krish Krishnamurthy has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to small-molecule NMR. He was awarded the 2018 Shoolery Prize by the SMASH Committee. Visit  here for an overview of his exceptional work!

RSC Joseph Black Award 2017 Winner - Dr Nicholle Bell

Our congratulations go to Dr Nicholle Bell, University of Edinburgh Awarded for innovative developments in the teaching and practice of spectroscopy.

A fuller description of Dr Bell's work can be found on the RSC website.

Call for nominations for the 2018 ICMRBS Founders' Medal

You are invited to nominate a young and excellent magnetic resonance spectroscopists for the Founders' Medal of the 2018 ICMRBS. Information and nomination details may be found here. Deadline: Tuesday May 29, 2018.


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Student bursaries

The NMRDG is pleased to be able to consider requests for bursaries to travel to other NMR meetings, and travel grants to visit labs to learn new techniques.

Applications for travel grants can be made at any reasonable time before a conference.

You may email your enquiry/application to:

Details of bursaries can be found here.
Details of travel grants can be found here.

Positions vacant


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