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Welcome to the events pages of the UK NMR Discussion Group (NMRDG), an Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

This site holds information on our forthcoming meetings and also hosts the history of NMRDG activities, from its inception in 1964 to the present day. Some further, related information can be found on the RSC site.

A short summary of NMRDG events in 2015 and 2016 can be downloaded.

NMRDG History: the history of the group from 1964.


Forthcoming NMRDG meeting


Meeting Title/Theme Location Information and Registration links
10th Annual NMR DG Postgraduate Meeting
Thursday 22nd June 2017

Students can present their work as posters, and a limited number of these will be upgraded to short talks.
Prizes will be awarded for the best poster, and oral presentation.
Dept of Pure & Applied Chemistry,
Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Details may be seen here, including a submission form for presenters

 Register at the RSC site if not presenting (small fee), or using the form (and free) if you are presenting

Abstract submission deadline: 26th May, 2017 (consider for oral presentation), or 9th June (general)

UKMRM Meeting
Wednesday 21st June 2017
NMR facility managers share their learnings and operating tips Dept of Pure & Applied Chemistry,
Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Details may be seen here.


Registration deadline: 12th June


Students, remember that you can apply for funding towards attendance.

Recent/past meeting(s) 

NMRDG Spring meeting: the meeting talks will become available soon.




Looking ahead...


NMRDG Xmas Meeting
Thursday, 14th December, 2017
Always a highlight of the Festive Season! Plan now to attend. Birkbeck College
London, UK

 Students, remember that you can apply for funding towards attendance.


Other NMR meetings of possible interest


EUROMAR 2017 July 2-6, 2017 Warsaw, Poland Information
ISMAR 2017 July 23-28, 2017 Québec, Canada Information
ICMRM August 13-17, 2017 Halifax, NS, Canada Information
10th Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR September 10-14, 2017 Chamonix, France Information
SMASH 2017 September 17-20, 2017 Baveno, Italy Information
5th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium (APNMR5) and 9th ANZMAG meeting October 27-30, 2017 Brisbane, Australia Information

Students, remember that you can apply for funding towards attendance.

The 2017 BRSG-NMRDG Annual Prize Announcement

The 2017 BRSG – NMR DG annual prize for excellent contribution to magnetic resonance has been awarded to Frédéric Blanc, University of Liverpool, for research activities concerning integration of solid-state NMR methods in the discovery of a range of challenging new materials.  In particular, Frédéric has made significant contributions to the field of DNP enhanced solid-state NMR; his work has shown that the DNP MAS NMR approach allows efficient, time-effective and high-throughput characterization of libraries of porous polymers. In conjunction with this, he has demonstrated that high signal-to-noise ratio solid-state NMR spectra of insensitive nuclei (such as 17O at natural abundance or low-gamma 89Y) can be obtained extremely rapidly with DNP, giving new insights into the structure of selected functional materials.

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Student bursaries

The NMRDG is pleased to be able to consider requests for bursaries to travel to other NMR meetings, and travel grants to visit labs to learn new techniques.

Applications for travel grants can be made at any reasonable time before a conference.

Details of bursaries can be found here.
Details of travel grants can be found here.

Positions vacant

Studentship with Dr De Bo, Manchester University. Starting in April or September, 2017

 Please contact us with details if you would like a vacancy advertised here.

Last updated: April 02, 2017